Thursday, 23 October 2008

Stop Surgical Meshes in Humans

Please be very careful in your decision to have TVT Sling Surgery. Do your research before this stuff is implanted in you. This is what happened to me.

It has destroyed my life! due to being on Warfarin (anti-coagulation)and other health issues arisen from my surgery I cannot go ahead with any major surgery to have the mesh erosion removed from the midline urethra. After having my surgery back in 2005 I went down with a pulmonary embolus the next day with further health issues 2 months later, I am diagnosed with diabetes type 11 and then had a severe attack of slurred speach, severe muscle weakness and eventually after many tests for the next couple of years diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis.

Before I had this Mesh implanted to supposedly cure my stress incontinance I had a career a full life, I lived a healthy lifestyle, the only issue I had was stress incontinance which I was told could be corrected using the Tension Free Vaginal Tape Sling by Gynecare. My Gyny at the time of my consulation used these words to me and I quote...It is a simple operation, an overnight stay, you will be a new woman! very different to what actually happened to me.

No complications were pointed out to me before surgery. There are many complications including mesh erosion, vascular injury causing death and many more. Here I am today housebound, I can no longer pursue my career and have no option but to take each day and live in the now as the Urologist and Gynaecologist the experts in this field of surgery can not tell me what the long term effects of the mesh eroding into me are.

Major Surgery for me is nil to correct the damage done to my body.

May our Saviour Jesus watch over us and see to it justice will be done and get this mesh and product off the market.

The medical world should be saving lifes not destroying us like they are currently doing in many other areas too regarding patient health. The authorities who give rights to people to market these products are far too lax in dishing out approvals for devices without proper clinical trials and success rates.

We will win!

Love and Loads of Light to you and all of us


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