Saturday, 11 July 2009

Update on my health issues

Hi Everyone,

Since discovering I have mesh erosion through the midline urethra back in July 2008 I try and cope the best I can. I need to say this to everyone, when I had the surgery back in October 2005 I was on the understanding the TVT Sling was working fine, however, when I discovered the mesh erosion in July 2008 I found out from my urologist this tape started to erode from day one! yep day one! I discovered the mesh eroding by accident. I always say to people who approach me for advice or information on the TVT have regular check ups with your GP (an internal) as there are no signs or symptoms on the mesh eroding.

I thought it was normal to have water infections and discharge and given prescribed medications to deal with it, when all along it is the mesh eroding, this stuff is a foreign object fighting to get out of your body.

If you have had this surgery and thinking mine is working fine (like I did) my advice is have a check up (every 6 months or when you feel necessary, especially when you think something is not right) from your GP (an internal) to make sure this does not happen to you.

I am along with many other people currently doing extensive research on the TVT Medical Device and there are facts not being told to patients.

I found an article recently and it say's .... Abstract, TVT is currently used in around 30,000 operations each year for stress incontinence in the UK. My comment... Frightening!

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Peace and Light

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